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Our Approach

I was born and raised in South Georgia where I graduated from Coffee High School and South Georgia College. I attended UGA College of Pharmacy with a Pre-Med intention. My wife, Melinda, and I owned and operated Oconee Family Pharmacy for 8 years . As a pharmacist, I obtained additional training in diabetes education, asthma education, delivery of immunizations and compounding pharmaceuticals. During this time, I was a volunteer firefighter with Sugar Creek Fire Department (Lieutenant Chief) where I trained as a first responder. I also became ordained as a deacon in the church, went on multiple mission trips and earned a pilot’s license.

Our Story

I was accepted to Mercer University School of Medicine with the intention to become an endocrinologist. I made the move to anesthesia after working with a friend. Part of my anesthesia residency included working in the pain clinic. It inspired me to remain in training for an additional year for fellowship training after seeing positive outcomes in this population.

It is my goal to treat the reason for the pain, not mask the pain, so the patient has an improvement in his or her quality of life. I utilize a multitude of modalities to bring the patient’s pain under control including procedures, ancillary service referrals such as physical and massage therapy, topical agents, and a host of other modalities. It is my goal to make every effort to minimize or potentially avoid the use of narcotics when possible.

My background as a pharmacist has been extremely beneficial in the formulation of patient care plans. I take the time to explain the disease process and what is causing the pain so the patients can learn to resolve the pain issue and become less dependent on medications.